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Quick But Great Science Fair Projects by Shar Levine


Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Want a winning science fair project that isn't a lot of work? Here are actual projects to use (with adaptations for different grade levels). Experiment and see whether family members have fingerprint characteristics in common, what the effects of calcium on bone strength are, how light affects leaves, and much more. Here are the few other choices that could earn you a blue ribbon!
* Scents of Smell: Some aromas say they'll put you in a certain mood. But, do they?
* The Yolks on You!: Demonstrate the power of osmosis--using the humble egg.
* The Iceman Cometh: You've skated on icy ponds--but why can't you ever skate on the ocean? Find out how salt lowers the freezing temperature.
You'll get help in finding an idea, for organizing and displaying the work, and in figuring out just what judges are looking for; plus checklists and suggestions for doing research, all of which will speed you on your way!