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Preparing for Adolescence by James C. Dobson



Softcover in Good Condition

Adolescence brings with it many physical, emotional and mental changes. This 10-session study, based on the bestselling series by Dr. James Dobson will help youth (ages 9-14) understand those changes-what they are, why they happen and their importance as steps in the process of becoming an adult. This guide is designed for use in group settings such as Sunday School classes, youth-group or small-group meetings

Students will learn how to deal with feelings of inferiority, develop self-confidence, stand up to group pressure, say no to drugs and alcohol, make sound decisions based on God's will for their lives, understand their urges for independence and much more. This is an excellent program for any setting in which there are young teens and preteens to teach!

It contains 20 easy and entertaining ten minutes sessions full o factivities and discussion starters. And as you work together, you'll develop a deeper level of communication with your children. Reliable teaching of Dr. James Dobson.