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SIGNED: Pirate's Mistress by Marianne LaCroix (2008)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Signed by author.

Torrid Tarot - Crossed SwordsBy Marianne LaCroix Arabella Prescott's dreams of marriage were shattered when her fianc was murdered by pirates. When she is kidnapped by the roguishly handsome Captain Fredrick Thorne, Arabella is determined to fight him with every inch of her being. She will not become the pirate's lover - no matter her body's unexpected desires. Fredrick quickly discovers Arabella's weakness - him. Her feisty spirit amuses and her sweet innocence inflames, and when she resists his seductive touch, he forces her to submit to his desires - awakening intense passions even he had not foreseen. But with her sensual defeat comes a price neither are prepared to pay. At the news of her kidnapping, Arabella's father, Governor Prescott, begins the hunt for Thorne's ship, Neptune's Sword, to save Arabella - and finally capture the most dangerous pirate upon the Caribbean. He will stop at nothing to see Thorne pay for his crimes at the end of the hangman's rope. Reader Advisory: Crossed Swords contains scenes of forced seduction. Sea Hawk's MistressBy Marianne LaCroix On summer vacation from grad school, Shelley Hanover takes part in a modern-day treasure hunt on a newly discovered Spanish galleon off the Florida Keys. During the dive, Shelley finds a silver bangle, and when the clasp opens, she is swept into a sudden water vortex - and into the arms of a sexy-as-sin pirate. Captain Jason Flint finds a woman floating in the wreckage of his latest victory, strangely dressed and wearing a sex-slave band. He decides to keep her as his private pleasure captive, and they enjoy each other's hot flesh as they sail the cool Caribbean waters. But when a rival captain kidnaps Shelley, Jason realizes he's lost something greater than any pirate treasure.