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Peace with God: The Secret of Happiness Billy Graham

Condition Details: Softcover in Good Condition



Billy Graham shares God's gentle, reassuring promise of spiritual calm and authentic peace in a world falling apart at the seams. In a culture that values "quality of life" and personal happiness above all else, why are so many of us unhappy, anxious, lonely, on the brink of despair? Why do so many of us feel empty, even though we live surrounded by plenty? In  Peace with God , Reverend Graham takes you on a great quest to find the answers to life's purpose. Along the way, he answers essential questions to understanding the true hope at the foundation of the Christian faith—questions   "God's peace can be in your heart—right now . . .Whatever the circumstances, whatever the call, whatever the duty, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifice—His strength will be your strength in your hour of need. It's all yours, and it's free." Peace with God is a timeless message of hope for all those struggling with despair and loneliness. Billy Graham will beckon you on the path to lasting peace as he describes the basics of the biblical message, the problem of sin, the tenets of the Christian way of life, and the glorious hope for the future.