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Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan S. Rubin

Condition Details: Paperback in Very Good condition.



Author Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., C.N.C., survived terminal Crohn’s disease. This story of his experience with alternative medicine and the cure that he eventually discovered in homeostatic soil organisms and the Maker’s Diet gives hope to everyone with an incurable disease. ‘No matter what health challenges plague you today, there is hope for an answer.’ So says Jordan Rubin in the introduction to this truly unique book. After all, he knows: Once at death’s door, he turned his life around. This book details how you too can make lasting changes in your life. In these pages, you will learn the health secrets that allowed our ancestors to live long, diseasefree lives. You will learn how to regain your health if you’ve lost it or how to maintain the excellent health that you currently enjoy and even slow premature aging. If you’re looking for an optimal health plan for you and your family that is validated by history, science and our Creator, then buckle up; you’re in for a wild ride!