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One Police Plaza by William J. Caunitz



Softcover in Good Condition

A nude corpse in a bathtub.  Name:  Sara Eisinger.  Occupation: travel agent.  For Detective Lt. Dan Malone of New York's Fifth Precinct, it's all in a day's work.  Until a little gold key in Sara's possession leads him to an after-hours sex club.  Until two phone numbers in her address book connect to the CIA.  Until he's neck deep in a mystery involving the Israel Mossad, Muslim extremists, the U.S. Army, and the NYPD.  Then, from the top, heat comes down hard on Malone to get off the case.  But it's already too late-Malone is obsessed.  He puts everything on the line--his job, his love, his life--as he unearths a terrifying conspiracy in the core of the department. . .a time bomb of double deals and killer cops that could rip apart the NYPD and the city it's sworn to protect.