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New Believer's Bible New Testament (NLT): First Steps for New Christians



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Looks new.

Featuring notes written by leading evangelist Greg Laurie, the "New Believer's Bible" is designed to help new Christians understand and grow in their newfound faith.The "New Believer's Bible" is perfect as a gift Bible for evangelism or for new Christians looking for an instructional and devotional Bible. It's also ideal for mature Christians who want to better understand the basics of their faith.

Special Features

Easy-to-read New Living Translation text Four Feature Tracks instruct and encourage readers in the Christian faith. Cornerstones covers the basics of Christian belief. Readers learn about the Trinity, angels, Satan, heaven, love, and other essential teachings of the Bible First Steps helps readers know God and his plan for them. Readers discover how to know they are saved, find the right church, study the Bible, and much more Off and Running shows readers how they can enjoy God's blessings and direction in all areas of their life such as career, marriage, family, finances, etc. Big Questions tackles difficult questions often asked by new Christians like "Why do bad things happen to good people?" How You Can Know God is a clear gospel presentation that explains to readers how they can be saved Glossary of Christian Terms explains key biblical and doctrinal terminology in easy-to-understand language Special Charts highlight important biblical information: 52 Great Bible Stories, Prophecies about Jesus, Memory Verses, How to Study the Bible, and Overview of the Bible Available in softcover, hardcover, bonded leather (burgundy), and New Testament softcover editionsFor information about the New Living Translation,