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My New Friend, Grief: Reflections on Loss and Life by Anna Hodges Oginsky



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. 

I force my mouth to form a smile, but it is hard to look people in the eyes. I hear my dad's voice whispering, "Eye contact, Anna." But making eye contact means seeing and being seen. I try to avoid it. My head is nodding while my heart screams in disagreement with what is being said, "NO HE IS NOT IN A BETTER PLACE. THIS IS WHERE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE. THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE THAN RIGHT HERE. WITH US.... With extraordinary honesty, Anna Hodges Oginsky shares how she experienced grief after the sudden death of her father. My New Friend, Grief: Reflections on Loss and Life tells the story of how Oginsky's previous life experience shaped her understanding of death and loss. As she sifted through the broken pieces of her heart, she discovered that befriending grief would allow her to move through life in richer, more meaningful ways. My New Friend Grief brings to light the feelings and fears many of us face in grief, but hesitate to explore. As Oginsky reveals her personal insights into loss and life, we find a friend who affirms for us that, as we too grieve, we are not alone.