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McGillicutty, A Very Special Bear Priscilla Miller



SIGNED. Hardcover in Good Condition

It’s OK to be different. The story starts out in the Whoops-a-Daisy Bear Factory where an unfortunately timed sneeze lands the main character’s nose in the wrong place, making him look rather odd and definitely unlike the other bears. The factory owner, hoping someone will love the little bear despite his looks, ships him off to the toy store. Displayed in the toy store’s front window, with all the bears sitting together really makes his odd face stand out! Before long, all the regular looking bears are sold and the unusual bear is all alone. Find out how this peculiar looking bear finds a home, gets his name, and someone to love him. The bear in this book was owned by the author’s son and is true. Although it actually happened over forty years ago, this book spreads the message, then and now, it’s OK to be different!