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Lovers Dark And Dangerous Lindsay McKenna



Mass Market Paperback in Good (G) condition. Bumping on edges, clean and straight. 

Seeing is Believing by Lindsay McKenna

A quest for a missing psychic sends mercenary Wes Montgomery into the canyons of Arizona with medicine woman Diana Thurston. From different worlds, both are headed for a collision - until the haunting caverns reveal secrets that change them forever...

Storm-Tossed by Lee Karr

Stranded with two staffers and three children, hospital administrator Elizabeth Preston cursed the raging winds and rainfall that held them captive. Then Davin Delmar emerged unscathed from the hurricane, offering his help...and mesmerizing Elizabeth's heart. But was Davin truly a gift from above...or the harbinger of doom?

The Ancient One by Rachel Lee

Cody Walker spent his life guarding the Ancient One's secret vault. Then archeologist Lynn Carstairs made the find of the century, threatening to unearth ageless secrets - and deeply-buried desires...

Three spine-tingling tales from the dark side of love...