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Life After School Explained by Jesse Vickey (2002)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean, crisp, straight.

Credit cards, HMOs, leases, business dinners... this witty book explains all of the "life skills" that no one bothers to teach in the classroom. The book was written by a team of young professionals, and is full of funny first-hand experiences from their first few years in the real world. This book is the definitive reference guide for life after school. It is full of helpful and humorous hints for anyone who eats, spends money, works, or pays taxes. The book draws on tips from the popular Cap & Compass campus seminars, and includes a lot of feedback from graduating seniors and recent grads. It's the perfect gift for recent graduates (college or high school). A few of the topics covered include: mutual funds, 401k's, work dinner etiquette, buying vs. leasing a car, engagement rings, student loans, auto insurance, dressing for the job, taxes, ...