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Lemonade Laughter and Laid-Back Joy by Becky Freeman (2001)



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. 

Lemonade Laughter and Laid-Back Joy offers readers refreshing glasses of contentment through laugh-out-loud, real-life stories and keen insights. Popular author Becky Freeman emphasizes the surprising -- and gratifying -- news that Jesus modeled a laid-back life to help readers discover the rewards of traveling life on a less hurried, less worried path.Instead of dreading tomorrow or rehashing yesterday, readers are encouraged to embrace the precious gift of today, a time filled with friends and family, satisfying accomplishments, and opportunities to relax, look at the stars, and talk with their Creator. Becky assures readers that a "porch-swing frame of mind" will enable them to live full, satisfying lives rich in the simple things that bring joy -- gratitude, connection, and laughter.