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Laura: America's First Lady, First Mother Antonia Felix



Softcover in Good Condition

Laura Bush has made an indelible impact on Americans -- and the world -- since she became First Lady. Not only has she won the hearts of the nation with her maternal advice, but her poise, warmth, and down-to-earth wisdom has kept her at the forefront of the nation.Laura, the first biography of our first lady, tells the complete story. Author Antonia Felix conducted dozens of interviews -- including with Jenna Welch, Laura's mother -- and has produced an insightful, compelling work that finally informs us of the major events in Laura Bush's fascinating life.

Readers also discover:

-- How Laura survived the tragedy that marred her childhood

-- The delights and difficulties of being America's First Lady

-- The joys and challenges of raising twin daughters Jenna and Barbara

-- Her twin passions: children and literacy