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Paranormal Series I #2 The Dream Kat Martin(2000)

Condition Details: Softcover in Good Condition



Some Secrets Haunt You Forever....

Every night Genny Austin is tormented by nightmares of a past she can't recall. Crazy as it sounds, Genny is convinced her harrowing dreams are memories of another life she lived long ago.

Jack Brennan is having nightmares too, but his are real. His business is under siege and his life is being threatened. When Genny and Jack meet one night on a Santa Barbara beach, all Jack wants from Genny is a wild night and quick good-bye, but Genny isn't the sort for a one night stand.

Drawn to each other by feelings neither she nor Jack understand, Genny finds herself inexorably lured into a world of passion and deadly riddles. In the shadows of her dreams lurks a terrible truth, and only by unlocking the secrets of the past will she be free to find love at last.