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Joe DeMarco #14 House Privilege Mike Lawson

Condition Details: FIRST EDITION. Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition



In House Privilege, the fourteenth novel in the Joe DeMarco series, Mike Lawson sends his likeable protagonist to Boston, into the world of hedge funds and trust funds. When Congressman and DeMarco's long-time employer John Mahoney gains custody of his 15-year old goddaughter, Cassie Russell, he sends DeMarco to evaluate the situation. Cassie's parents have just perished in a plane crash that Cassie survived, and she has now inherited her father's billions. DeMarco plans to advise Mahoney to leave Erin Kelly, manager of the Russell's fund, in charge of Cassie's finances, but he soon learns that Erin may not be as trustworthy as she first appeared.

DeMarco's digging alarms Erin, who has much to hide, and sets in motion a series of increasingly drastic plans that Erin has devised to protect herself and her wealth. But Cassie has touched DeMarco's heart of gold, and he won't let anyone get away with hurting her. A competition in plotting and out-plotting, this latest installment in the series ventures off the grid and outside the reach of extradition treaties for an exhilarating read.