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Interest of Justice by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg



Mass Market Paperback in Good (G) condition. 

Judge Lara Sanderstone is a brilliant young woman whose judicial career suddenly takes second place to her hunt for the savage murderer of her sister and brother-in-law. The hideous crime leaves Lara with responsibility for a bitterly unmanageable teenage nephew, and she herself is being stalked by a killer who provides not the slightest clue as to identity or motive. To add to the terror, she can find no safe haven: not in the California courtroom where an ongong case of child abuse is putting the law on trial. Not in the arms of a high-powered lawyer for whom she had no heart. Not in the condo where she is trying to hide. With her life hanging by an unraveling thread, Lara puts her trust in a tough homicide detective to whom she is compellingly drawn...and mobilized her fiece intelligence to bring down the violent and powerful forces behind a lucrative breeding ground for murder - before they bring her down. Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's riveting thriller takes the reader deep into the twisting labyrinth of the criminal justice system. This masterful novel is not to be missed.