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Incredible Ned by Bill Maynard



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Every parent thinks their child is incredible. But Ned's mother knows that it's true when she "sees" his first word. Now when Ned says gorilla, his friends all jump back. And when he says bananas, it's time for a snack. Because whenever Ned speaks, if the word is a thing, "that thing might float by on the end of a string!" Soon Ned's teacher is upset, the nurse is up to her ears in pills, and even the bandleader doesn't know what to do -- until a friendly art teacher discovers the cure when she hands Ned a pencil and he draws and draws and draws!Irresistibly funny verse and comical illustrations will unleash the power of imagination in every reader in this humorous rhyming story about a boy whose imagination was so big -- it made everything real!