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If Wishes Were Horses: The Education of a Veterinarian by Loretta Gage



Mass Market Paperback in Good (G) condition. Minor wear. 

When Loretta Gage entered her first year of training at Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, all the odds were against her. In addition to the tremendous pressures that her fellow classmates faced - brutally long hours, a rigorous load of lecture and laboratory classes, and the knowledge that many of them would not graduate - Gage brought with her the enormous emotional and financial challenges of a working-class upbringing. If Wishes Were Horses is the triumphant story of her struggle against hard work and self-doubt to become a practicing veterinarian. This memorable and heartwarming book envelops readers from the very first page, transporting them to a world filled with curmudgeonly professors, classroom disasters, and academic break-throughs, as well as many joyful and inspiring episodes involving the wounded and sick animals that come into the students' lives as they learn their trade. In addition to tales from the classroom, emergency room, and hospital barn where the students made daily rounds, Gage shares her battles with the moral and ethical implications of her work. The rich and gripping story of her struggle to fulfill a lifelong dream illuminates the triumph of the human spirit as much as the fascinating, often heartrending world of veterinary medicine.