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Hugs for the Hurting John William Smith



Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition

Hugs communicate so much -- and they're especially important for the hurting. hugs express understanding, empathy, commitment, and a passing of strength from one to another. Every hurting person needs to feel the comfort and warmth that flows through a hug.

The pages of this very special book are filled with all kinds of hugs that are written to strengthen the heart of the hurting. Whether it's a warm, encouraging story by John William Smith, an inspirational quote by a well-known person, a powerful, personalized Scripture by LeAnn Weiss, or one of the many inspirational messages by an "anonymous disciple," you'll find that these hugs reach deeply into the heart and say just what's needed.

Whether it's for you or a cherished one who's hurting, share a hug that will last a lifetime.