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House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties Craig Unger



Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition

Newsbreaking and controversial -- an award-winning investigative journalist uncovers the thirty-year relationship

between the Bush family and the House of Saud and

explains its impact on American foreign policy, business,

and national security.

"House of Bush, House of Saud" begins with a politically

explosive question: How is it that two days after 9/11,

when U.S. air traffic was tightly restricted, 140 Saudis,

many immediate kin to Osama Bin Laden, were permitted to

leave the country without being questioned by U.S. intelligence?

The answer lies in a hidden relationship that began in the

1970s, when the oil-rich House of Saud began courting

American politicians in a bid for military protection, influence,

and investment opportunity. With the Bush family, the Saudis

hit a gusher -- direct access to presidents Reagan, George H.W.

Bush, and George W. Bush. To trace the amazing weave of Saud-

Bush connections, Unger interviewed three former directors of

the CIA, top Saudi and Israeli intelligence officials, and more

than one hundred other sources. His access to major players is

unparalleled and often exclusive -- including executives at the

Carlyle Group, the giant investment firm where the House of

Bush and the House of Saud each has a major stake.

Like Bob Woodward's "The Veil," Unger's "House of Bush, House

of Saud" features unprecedented reportage; like Michael Moore's

"Dude, Where's My Country?" Unger's book offers a political

counter-narrative to official explanations; this deeply sourced

account has already been cited by Senators Hillary Rodham

Clinton and Charles Schumer, and sets 9/11, the two Gulf Wars,

and theongoing Middle East crisis in a new context: What

really happened when America's most powerful political family

became seduced by its Saudi counterparts?