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Honey, I'm Home!: Sitcoms: Selling The American Dream by Gerard Jones (1993)



Paperback in Very Good condition. Clean and crisp.

Gerard Jone's Honey, I'm Home! has been widely acclaimed as the premier primer on America's Morality Plays-the TV situation comedies that have chained us to our Barcaloungers ever since Lucy first bawled her way into our hearts. Recalling the best and worst the sitcoms have had to offer, Jones recreates their atmosphere and their times with wisdom and style; paralleling the memory-lane trip is his shrewd and provocative assessment of the sitcom's influence on modern society. From Farther Knows Best to Married...with Children, from the empty calories of The Brady Bunch to the social commentary of All in the Family, Honey, I'm Home! is a connoisseur's guide to the sitcom world-where everybody knows your name, and any problem can be solved in twenty-two minutes, plus commercials.