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Hillary Rodham Clinton: Her Essential Wisdom by Carol Kelly-Gangi



FIRST EDITION.Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition

Overview Hillary Rodham Clinton: Her Essential Wisdom by Carol Kelly-Gangi Hillary Rodham Clinton: Her Essential Wisdom invites readers to experience for themselves the powerful words of this remarkable woman, who has spent a lifetime in service to the United States of America—as a young lawyer fighting for the disadvantaged, as First Lady, first of Arkansas and then of the United States, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and two-time presidential candidate. The hundreds of selections gathered here have been drawn from her speeches, conferences, debates, interviews, books, social media posts, and other writings from the course of her public career. Arranged thematically, the selections reveal a great intellect, keen insights, and nuanced philosophies on a range of topics. In these quotations, Clinton: Speaks powerfully about the ideals and values at the heart of the American identity Passionately expresses the need for equality and inclusion for all Americans Strongly urges the importance of guaranteeing fundamental rights and dignity for people everywhere Offers thoughtful and seasoned insights on foreign policy and America’s role on the world stage Eloquently advocates for improved education for children everywhere In other selections, Hillary Clinton reveals a more personal side. She recalls her happy childhood; her steadfast love for her family; the challenges she’s faced as a woman in politics; and, perhaps most dramatically, her insights into the historic 2016 presidential election. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Her Essential Wisdom offers an illuminating look at an extraordinary woman and leader who continues to command the attention of the world.