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Gooseberry Patch Everyday One-Dish Meals: 260 easy, satisfying recipes for every weeknight! (2014)

Condition Details: Paperback in Very Good condition.



Gooseberry Patch Everyday One Dish Meals provides effortless recipes for readers to cook for weeknight dinners or to impress friends and family at their next social gathering by bringing the perfect dish. This essential cookbook, filled with 260 delicious homestyle recipes and 200 mouthwatering, full-color photographs from Vickie, Jo Ann, and the Gooseberry Patch gang, makes pleasing a crowd a stress-free process for readers. From casseroles and cakes to macaroni and cheese, each recipe is purposely selected for its ease of preparation and flexibility for various events including church suppers, neighborhood picnics, and family dinners. With access to presentable recipes involving common ingredients, readers can attend any and all events without worrying about what's being served!

256 pages

· Fuss-free recipes perfect for weeknight family meals and gatherings with friends

· Helpful prep and cooking tips as well as ideas for recipe variations

· Amazing variety and 260 recipes and 200 full-color photographs