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Get Your Body Back by Anita Weil Bell



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition.

It's easier than you think!
If you're a new mom, you're probably still carrying around extra "baby weight." Since you're constantly having to juggle everything, the last thing you need is more work and more stress, which is what many diet plans feel like. You're also likely to face a number of new challenges: stress, lack of sleep, depression, and finding time for yourself. Well, you're not alone...and now you're not unarmed. Drawing from her own personal experiences, Anita Weil Bell designed this uncomplicated, easy-to-follow, three-month program with these challenges in mind.
Features of the plan:
- The HELP Menu: Healthy Eating Light Plan for moms...and you'll lose weight and feel good
- The Workable Workout: Special exercises and workouts that you can do with your baby, anytime and anywhere
- Mommy Care: Tips and warm suggestions for self-pampering and relieving stress
Simple shopping lists, nutritious meal plans, and delicious recipes are also included here, making it easy for you to "Get Your Body Back"-and keep it!