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Gary Jennings's Apocalypse 2012 #1 Gary Jennings' Apocalypse 2012 Robert Gleason, Junius Podrug, Gary Jennings



Today’s world leaders and those of 1,000 years ago face the world’s end.


The Mayan “End-Time Codex” predicts the end of the world in 2012. A young Aztec-Mayan slave tells the story of its creation: gifted in math and astronomy, Coyotl advises the god-king, Quetzalcoatl.  Gathering artists, scientists, and architects, this ruler builds the great, golden city of Tula but soon faces war, disastrous drought, death-cult priests who rip the hearts out of thousands of people. . . and an epic catastrophe threatening all humanity.

Meanwhile, thousand years later, scientists have rediscovered the End-Time Codex and learned that their own time mirrors Tula’s golden age.  Can they crack the 2012 code and save their world from Tula’s deadly fate?  The countdown begins.