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Gangsternomics by John Surowy (2006)



Paperback AS NEW condition, unused.

GangsterNomics reveals the extraordinary money making secrets of gangsters, cartels and corporations. It teaches you how to profit from the collapse of the real estate and job markets as well as shows you how to adopt the latest and most innovative business and financial techniques employed by some of the most ruthless organizations in the world.

Here are just a few of the many fascinating sections of GangsterNomics: networking with billionaires, conducting business in difficult overseas markets, hanging on to your job when everyone else is being laid off, monetizing high risk business opportunities, exploiting unfair business practices, avoiding resume traps when searching for a job, determining which types of businesses you should avoid investing in or purchasing, learning how not to have your home stolen from you and competing with a vicious coworker or businesses.

We believe the world economy is heading into something far worse than a depression. If you'd like to access the information and the skill sets necessary to thrive during this next economic phase then we strongly recommend that you read GangsterNomics.