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From Your Ice Cream Maker by Coleen Simmons, Bob Simmons



Softcover in Good Condition

Everybody loves ice cream, and when you make it at home, you know you're getting the best ice cream, made with the freshest, most delicious ingredients possible. Ice cream makers are convenient, versatile and lots of fun. With this book you can prepare spectacular desserts easily and often. Just think: chocolate gelato; strawberry sorbet; vanilla frozen yoghurt; orange sherbet; banana splits and sundaes; ice cream cake; low-fat treats; biscotti or lemon cookies to serve alongside. The list goes on and on, if your mouth isn't watering already. FROM YOUR ICE CREAM MAKER includes recipes for ice creams, frozen yoghurts, sorbets, sherbets, shakes, ice cream sodas and cookies suitable for serving with ice cream. Coleen and Bob Simmons have revised their best-selling title for this new nitty gritty edition with updated information, new recipes and lots of old favourites for all modern ice cream makers