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Forgiving LaVyrle Spencer

Condition Details: Mass Market Paperback in Good Condition



There's a place in every heart for forgiving....


She came to Deadwood, a rough and tumble western town, with an ambitious dream of starting a newspaper. But her journey had another purpose--to find her sister and mend the family tie that was severed years ago, when Addie left home with a hardened heart--and without an explanation.


The thought of this headstrong woman turning his town upside down riled Marshal Campbell to no end. But there was something about Sarah that the lawman found irresistible. Inside, he longed to treat her like a lady. But outside, he'd keep up his ornery image--and give her a rocky welcome to town...

Two strong-willed souls, Sarah and Noah would discover the timeless beauty of love--when the heart learns to take back the past and start again...