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For Men Only by J. Allan Petersen (1973)



Vintage Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

This is a compilation of essays about manhood, advised by the assumption that while there are a great deal of books about Christian womanhood, there is a dearth of reading material to teach a Christian man how to be a man. Each essay is written by a different Christian author. Authors range from well-known public personalities such as TV personality Robert H. Schuller and Focus On the Family founder James Dobson to spiritual leaders with more quiet but profound legacies, such as Ray Stedman and Lambert Dolphin of the San Francisco Bay Area's Peninsula Bible Church ministries, to secular sources like Kiplinger and the Royal Bank of Canada. It serves as a snapshot of western Christianity during the 1970s, and its opinions and reflections on topics that remain relevant forty years later.