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Flashforward Robert J. Sawyer



FIRST EDITION. Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition. Ex-Library

Sawyer now brings us Flashforward, the story of a world-shattering discovery at the CERN research facility in Switzerland. The research team of Lloyd Simcoe and Theo Procopides is using the particle accelerator at CERN, in pursuit of the elusive Higgs Boson, a theoretical subatomic particle. But their experiment goes incredibly awry, and, for a few moments, the consciousness of the entire human race is thrown ahead by about twenty years.

While humanity must deal immediately with the destructive aftermath of the experiment—thousands were injured and killed as every single person's body was left unconscious in the here-and-now&38212;the greater implications take longer to surface. People who had no vision of the future seek to learn how they will die, while others seek out future lovers. Lloyd must deal with the guilt of accidentally causing the death of his fiancée's child, while Theo gets caught up in the search for his own murder. As the implications truly hit home, the pressure to repeat the experiment builds. Everyone wants a glimpse of the future, a chance to flash forward and see their successes…or learn how to avoid their failures.