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Exact Revenge by Tim Green



Hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition. 

For twenty years, Raymond White has waited. Living in a maximum security prison in upstate New York and convicted of a murder he didn't commit, his only thoughts are finding the men who put him there. In 1985, White was living out the decade's excesses. Money. Power. A beautiful woman. White, a self-made man with humble roots, was only a step away from political office and marriage to the woman he loved. But when a dying congressman asked White to hand-deliver a simple letter, a group of jealous rivals led him into an ingenious frame-up for murder.

Only decades later, when White befriends a wizened art thief named Lester Cole, does the future offer more than his grim cell. The aged Cole holds the key to unlocking the closed doors of the past. Together, they plot an ingenious escape. Outside the prison gates, unimaginable wealth from a hidden cache awaits. That and a new name would give White the power to make every one of his enemies pay, and pay dearly.