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Einstein's Enormous Error: A Story About Forgiving Others (Gnoo Zoo, Book Three) by Shelia Walsh



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean and crisp. 

The third adventure of the Gnoo Zoo series follows Einstein the intelligent elephant and his closest friends as they are sent on an exciting quest by the Great White Tiger. Their mission? To find “The True Gnoo Key” that can bring the Gnoo Zoo Carousel, their super-fantastic home, back to life.

Each of the animals–Einstein, Big Billy, Miss Marbles, Chattaboonga and Boongachatta–has been put in charge of a very important candy hammer. At least, they’re all supposed to be important. But Einstein’s hammer doesn’t seem to be working at all! Discouraged, Einstein decides to put his hammer to a very different use. His mistake gets him and his friends into very deep trouble and threatens to turn them against each other–until the forgiveness of the Great White Tiger saves the day!