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Ebay Inventory the Smart Way: How to Find Great Sources and Manage Your Merchandise to Maximize Profits on the World's #1 Auction Site by Joseph T. Sinclair (2006)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition.

"The chief concerns of any retail operation are where to get inventory and how to get the best prices and terms. These are ongoing business challenges that apply as much to eBay sellers as to traditional retailers. eBay Inventory the Smart Way is the first book to look exclusively at the most profitable strategies for finding reliable suppliers and marketable products. Readers will learn how to:

* form relationships with wholesalers and obtain dealer status

* finance purchases, manage inventory better, and use just-in-time delivery strategies

* increase profits with drop shipping and co-op advertising

* deal directly with manufacturers and wholesalers, "work" trade shows, and take advantage of trade organizations

* research product sales potential, buy closeout merchandise, and tap into pawnbrokers' inventories

* and even buy inventory on eBay

eBay Inventory the Smart Way covers more than 25 inventory sources and tells how to profit from each. Whether buying in bulk, sourcing one item at a time, or establishing a powerful inventory management system, both established online retailers and newcomers will find this book indispensable."