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Eating the Bible: Modern Recipes with Biblical Reflections to Nourish Your Body and Soul by Rena Rossner



Flexibound in Good (G) condition. Pages clean, straight, crisp and glossy. Front and back cover show wear. Front has scuffs at the edges and a rip, back cover has some small dents. 

One weekend, a decade ago, journalist Rena Rossner was served a bowl of lentil soup at a Friday night dinner. The weekly portion of the Bible that had been read that week in synagogue was the chapter in which Esau sells his birthright to his brother Jacob for a bowl of red lentil soup. Rossner was struck by the ability to bring the Bible alive each week in such a tactile way and decided on the spot to see whether she could create a recipe for each portion of the Hebrew Bible. And so she has. The result, Eating the Bible, is an innovative cookbook with original, easy-to-prepare recipes that will ignite table conversation while pleasing the stomach. Every meal will become both a tactile and intellectual experience as the recipes enrich both the soul of the cook and the palates of those at the table.Every cook must glance at a recipe countless times before completing a dish. Often recipes involve five- to ten-minute periods during which one must wait for the water to boil, the soup to simmer, or the onions to saute. It is Rossner's goal to help enrich those moments with biblical verse and commentary, to enable cooks to feed their souls as they work to feed the members of the household and guests. From the zesty "Garden of Eden Salad" to the "Honey Coriander Manna Bread," each recipe will delight the palate and spark the mind.