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Drivetime Stories: Making The Most Of Moments On The Go Kelly Lingerfeldt Stille, Patricia Wachter



Softcover in Good Condition

Parents have much to teach their children-and not a minute to waste. But in this fast-paced society, moms and dads often find themselves pouring time into the proverbial gas tank as they chauffeur their children around in the family minivan. Drivetime Stories shows parents how to take advantage of their seat-buckled audience and those otherwise wasted moments. This easy-to-use guide is packed with nearly one hundred unique stories for parents to retell to their children in the car, at the store, or anywhere. The short, simple illustrations grab children's interest and allow them to look at difficult issues without being in the midst of the conflict. Each story is followed by discussion-starting questions that adults can easily adapt to fit any situation or child. Drivetime Stories supplies parents, teachers, and caregivers with insightful keys to unlock the thoughts and ideas in the hearts of children. It helps children of any age to build integrity and character, understand the consequences of going down the wrong path, and-when faced with real-life situations-make more careful, wise decisions.