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Demonic Mnemonics: 800 Spelling Tricks for 800 Tricky Words Murray Suid, Jim M'Guinness (Illustrator)



Mass Market Paperback in Good Condition

Why can't the English learn to spell?

Simply put, the English-speakers of the world can't spell because English spelling is weird (or is it wierd?). It's sometimes illogical, often irrational, and always unpredictable. Spelling drills won't do it. Threats, promises, and memorizing are doomed to fail. But there is an effective exorcist--mnemonics. Some of these devices are silly, some witty, some crazy. They all have one thing in common--they work! Now this devilishly clever little book takes us into battle against the 800 most common English spelling demons. . .and gives us a chuckle, a smile, or a belly laugh at the same time.