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Death Stalk the Range by Brett Rider (1946)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Clipped DJ. Triangle Books edition. See pictures. 

The drunken jailer opened the cell door.
"What's wrong with you, feller?" Fat's tons was fretful, aggrieved. "Heck-- he's gone and died on me."
He went reeling across the floor, bent over the inert form of the prisoner. Rand turned on him with the speed of lightning and fastened his hands around the jailer's throat. He squeezed until Fat's body went limp...

A stranger in Palo Pinto, Rand Kenzie had no sooner reached town than he was accused of murder and thrown in jail. He had to break out... There was more involved than an attempt to frame him. Man died suddenly in the darkness... Actions needed explaining, the sheriff's and Lawyer Iswell's for instance. There were many threads to be unraveled before the real killers of Ben Ellison could be unmasked and Rand Kenzie cleared of crime.