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Deadly Grace Taylor Smith



Softcover in Good Condition

On a cold winter night in a small Minnesota town in 1979, someone comes looking for Grace Meade. She is killed and her house is set ablaze. Incredibly, the prime suspect is her own daughter Jillian.

Rescued from the burning house, Jillian Meade is hospitalized, unable or unwilling to speak. After an attempt to take her own life, Jillian's doctor gives her a blank journal to encourage her to write about her mother's death.

Unaware of what has happened FBI Special Agent Alex Cruz comes to Havenwood, Minnesota to interview Jillian. Two elderly women were found murdered in their homes in England, and Jillian it seems was the last person to see both women alive. When he learns that Jillian's own mother met a similar fate, he realizes that there is far more going on than anyone ever imagined.

When Jillian suddenly disappears, Cruz has only her journal to decipher the story of Grace and Jillian Meade. A story of a wartime heist of Nazi gold, of unforgivable betrayals and ruthless actions. A deadly secret from the past, Cruz learns, has surfaced. If he doesn't find Jillian soon, she too may be made to pay the ultimate price.