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David Shoppenagon and the Place Between the Rivers by Williaam Tudor



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Small price tag remnant on front cover. 

This book is a biography of the noted Chippewa Indian David Shoppenagon and a brief history of the place he lived, The Place Between the Rivers. Shoppenagon was the son of a Chippewa Chief whose clan lived in and around Saginaw, Michigan. When the Saginaw forests began to be depleted of timber and game due to lumbering and farming, Shoppenagon struck out on his own and moved his family to a remote area in northern Michigan, near present day Grayling. As lumbermen slowly moved to the Grayling area to harvest giant white pines, Shoppenagon adapted to the changed environment and won the respect of those hardy pioneers who carved a bustling new town from the wilderness.