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Gunslinger's Destiny #8: No Reason To Run by E.K. Knef



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Comes from a private library collection. 

Bullets fly when a young man named Montana shoots and kills one of the notorious, mean-spirited Murphy brothers over a crooked poker game and figures running is the only way to insure his survival. But Reason Cordell knows if the kid hightails it now, he could be on the dodge for the rest of his life. He tries to convince the kid to make a stand.

But does Montana listen to Reason? Heck, NO!
And so begins a long and laborious chase across unforgiving territory with the remaining three brothers hot on their heels.

Only when Satan goes down from a nasty spill does Reason find himself facing the wrath of the Murphy gang alone and hurting.

For now, at the mercy of three hard-bitten strangers with a score to settle, Reason wonders how he can save not only Montana’s life but also his own when the final showdown arrives!