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Columbus (Silver Bear #2) by Derek Haas (2013)



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition.

Never look back. — He's methodical, unerring and he always succeeds. His targets are criminals the law can't touch. The elite assassin known only as Columbus never leaves a trace or loses his icy focus. Until he meets the one woman he can't forget...and his fence - the man who hides the assassin's identity from those who hire him - is killed.

Now, Columbus has become the hunted. Survival means exposing powerful clients, taking down unforgiving enemies and staying desperate seconds ahead of the merciless rivals fast closing in. But the memories Columbus can't erase and a lethal desire are turning his well-honed instinct and brilliant strategies against him. And the second chance he'll risk everything to protect may be the one trap he'll never escape...