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Christmas Cookies by Oxmoor House



Softcover in Good Condition

Christmastime is cookie time! Brown-suited gingerbread men with raisins for buttons and icing for hair; green-sugared Christmas trees and red-sugared Santas; cookies flavored with bourbon and coconut shaped into balls and rolled in sugar; date-filled, lemon-filled, and jelly-filled cookies; and perennial favorites, such as brownies and chocolate chip cookies, are truly the making of Christmas cheer. Recipes innovative and worthy of gift giving abound in this unique collection from Southern Living Magazine. Here you will find both American favorites and foreign specialties, which highlight the universal appeal of holiday cookies. Many of the recipes leave room for the imaginative cook to create her own seasonal masterpieces. And when the season is over, this cookbook will serve as a valuable resource for delicious cookies that will give pleasure the year-round. The recipes are organized according to the method of preparation. If the cookies are baked in a pan and cut into bars or square