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Charlie "Doc" Adams Mystery #6; Gone to Earth by Rick Boyer


Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

"The action doesn't slow down until the tank is good and empty." The New York Times Book Review
It begins with motorcycles. Four vintage Harleys carefully hidden in the barn of Doc Adams's newly purchased farm. Doc, a cycle enthusiast, finds it hard to believe that anyone could abandon such beautiful bikes. And sure enough, the rightful owners soon turn up -- butchered and buried at the edge of his property!
Then the sister of one of the victims comes to call and tells Doc that only one man could have done the deed -- a knife-wielding psychopath named Buddy, feared even by the motorcycle gangs. There's only one problem with this theory -- Buddy's skeleton was among the remains found at the site of the slaughter.
Or was it?