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Camerons of Colorado #1 Kids, Critters and Cupid Ruth Jean Dale



Mass Market Paperback in Good Condition

Cupid, Colorado. This is ranch country, cowboy country—a land of high mountains and swift, cold rivers, of deer, elk and bear. The first Cameron came to Colorado more than a hundred years ago, and Camerons have owned and worked the Straight Arrow Ranch--the largest spread in these parts--ever since.

The eldest Cameron son, Ben, is the one who's running the Straight Arrow these days. Ben's the best damn cowboy in the county-there's nothing he doesn't know about horses and cattle. But understanding his family is a different matter- especially Joey, his four-year-old son. And now there's a stranger in town. She's young, pretty as a picture-and stubborn as a mule. She also has a daughter just about Joey's age. Problem is, Betsy's from California, of all the outlandish places. Ben doesn't have a hope in hell of understanding anything about her. . . except that he wants her!

For kids and kisses, tears and laughter, wild horses and wilder men-come to the Straight Arrow Ranch, near Cupid, Colorado. Come meet the Camerons.