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Buster the Very Shy Dog, More Adventures with Phoebe Lisze Bechtold



FIRST EDITION. Hardcover in Good Condition. Ex-Library

Two comical, easy-to-read capers starring shy-dog Buster and his bolder buddy Phoebe as they solve backyard mysteries involving skunks, raccoons, and buried “dog” treasure.

It’s backyard troubles galore for canine friends Buster and Phoebe in two easy-to-read adventures. The trouble begins when Buster and Phoebe get blamed for trashing the backyard and hatch a plan to find the real garbage bandit. But first they have to stay awake and keep away from skunks! Next, the pals search for buried “bone” treasures only to quibble about which bones belong to which dog. Buster may be shy but he’s smart enough to claim what’s rightfully his and kind enough to share it, too.