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BrandsFormation Chuck Mefford

Condition Details: Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition



In their corner, the big guys have teams of marketing professionals, large budgets, and resources for things like testing, research and advertising. Finally, the small business owner has someone in their corner, Chuck Mefford. Chuck teaches you how to get into the minds of consumers and connect with them. Branding is all about being a top-of-mind business. So, whenever people need the products or service you offer, they think of you first. In this book, Chuck shares real branding success stories as well his system for Branding that any good business can implement and grow their business just like the big guys. BrandsFormation is your playbook to help you win the game of branding. Based on the successes of thousands of small business owners, you'll learn the secrets to transform your good local business into a great local brand. You'll love what BrandsFormation can do to accelerate the growth of your company.