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Bolo #Anth1: Honor of the Regiment: Bolos 1 by Keith Laumer



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Spine still smooth and straight. 

Anthology: Bolos 1 (Bolo, Bk 4) Chronicles the history of the Bolo, a futuristic man-made machine that symbolizes brute force, defiance, and rigid will, and is responsible for defending humanity. The future of war, and the fate of man, lies with one machine: the Bolo. With plated armor, a laser cannon, an electronic brain, and wheels, it defends humanity from aliens that threaten the entire species. Now comes the amplified history of the Bolo in stories by David Drake, S.M. Stirling, Mercedes Lackey and others. Cover art by Paul Alexander.
Lost Legion [Bethany Martins • 1] / novelette by S. M. Stirling
Camelot / novelette by Shariann Lewitt [as by S. N. Lewitt]
The Legacy of Leonidas / novella by Andrew Keith [as by J. Andrew Keith]
Ploughshare / novella by Todd McCaffrey [as by Todd Johnson]
Ghosts / short story by Mike Resnick and Barry N. Malzberg
The Ghost of Resartus / novelette by Christopher Stasheff
Operation Desert Fox [Bolo] / novelette by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon
As Our Strength Lessens [Bolo] / short story by David Drake
Based on the fighting machine created by Keith Laumer.