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Beyond Infinity by Robert Spencer Carr (1951)



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Pages clean and straight. 

Robert Spencer Carr is a storyteller of wit and imagination. These stories of his - ingeniously plotted, sparkling with life, written with a sure hand - are triumphant examples of science-fiction at its best.

Beyond Infinity

An elderly couple, after spending their lives in a fruitless quest for the secret of eternal youth, make the first flight into space to find it.

Morning Star

An intruder from another planet - a woman baffling as she is beautiful - slips into a secret weapons conference of the world's greatest atomic scientists.

Those Men From Mars

Martian envoys visit Earth, one landing on the White House lawn, another at the Kremlin - and the world waits for them to choose sides.


The last man on Earth lives a life of fear - will the new race be composed of supermen or subhumans?

This is a book to satisfy the most exacting s-f fan - and to delight the reader for whom science-fiction is still a strange and mysterious realm.