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Behind the Iron (Hank Fallon #2) by William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone



Softcover in Good Condition

Second in the white-hot, violent new series!

Johnstone Country. The Good Die Young. The Bad Die Younger.
In this gripping thriller, America's greatest Western storytellers take you inside the dangerous world of an undercover agent--and the deadliest jail in America . . .


Hank Fallon knows what it's like to rot behind bars. To wallow in the filth of a rat-infested cell. To smell the pent-up rage of cutthroat killers and thieves. Fallon earned his freedom the hard way. He saved the lives of four guards, got released early, and became a detective. Then he went undercover, infiltrated a prison gang plotting to bust out--and barely made it out alive. Now they're sending him back. Behind the iron. Straight to hell . . .

This time, it's the ninth circle known as Missouri State Penitentiary. His mission: get inside the infirmary, look for a pregnant inmate named Jess Harper, and find out where her bank-robbing boyfriend hid the stolen cash. Problem is: a rebellion is brewing among the prisoners. Their rage is burning out of control. An all-out savage riot is about to explode. And Fallon's head is on the chopping block . . .