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Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries #13 Snow Place to Die Mary Daheim

Condition Details: Mass Market Paperback in Good Condition



There’s snow place like homicide

B&B hostess Judith McMonigle Flynn’s ready to hang up her oven mitts, but irrepressible Cousin Renie needs help catering the telephone company’s annual winter retreat at secluded Mountain Goat Lodge. The pay’s good, the scenery’s to die for—but they never figured there be a killer cooking up mischief among this innocuous stew of corporate-climbing phone company ding-a-lings. Unfortunately, Judith and Renie’s discovery of the frozen, garroted remains of the previous company caterer—missing since last year’s shindig—suggests no less, since the same cast of characters is present this time around. It’s Dial “M” for Mountain Goat Murder, and a storm’s blowing in to boot—leaving Judith and Renie stranded with ten suspects and a corpse…and with nothing better to do than to reach out and touch a killer who’d like nothing better than to put two inquisitive cousins in the Deep Freeze.